The evolution of TalkToShare® began when growing up I saw my father struggle with his career and many other life problems. But he never gave up. I would see him reach out and talk warmly even with people he did not know. I could not understand why he would go out of his way to help others. He evolved into a 'connector'. It was this that led him to a different career and enabled him to make a better life for his family. 

I did not think much of his approach at the time. But, then when I was bullied in school and discriminated against in my career, I too found myself reaching out to others for guidance. Their inputs gave me mental strength. When I was approached for help, I did not hold back. It was really gratifying.

As I reflected on all this, I could see that anyone could effectively reach out to other people for advice, ideas, and support, as long as there was desire to give back in some form.

With increasing conviction of the need for people to connect and engage in such meaningful conversation with give and take, we conceptualized a mechanism to help with this process. We validated the concept by getting feedback from a cross-section of individuals in all demographics. Thus, TalkToShare®, an online platform, was born.   

TalkToShare® provides a powerful tool to make a difference in your life and that of others who you may not have previously known. It matches you with individuals on shared interest, and then facilitates private conversation across specific items, one-to-one or in small groups. It enables you to get new perspectives, share your knowledge and experience, offer support, develop new relationships, and gain recognition for your capabilities to build your personal brand, if you so desire.

Benefits of such meaningful conversations are highlighted in our resource guide “4 Reasons Why Talking With Like-minded People Can Help you Become a Better Person”. Click here to get it.

We do hope that you will try the TalkToShare® community and use this platform to find solutions for your issues as well as to help others with theirs.

Thank you.



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