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Several apps have appeared recently to enable people to talk with strangers.  There is some benefit to that.  One can connect with others to share ideas, public opinion, and knowledge.  Besides these positive outcomes, these apps promote the ease of staying anonymous.  To many people, that is a good thing.  The problem arises, when someone who you have connected with starts harassing you, or the conversation turns to something ugly, sexual in nature, or leads to topics you are not comfortable with.

Parents and adults have taken to online reviews to complain about such behavior. 

So, there needs to be some alternative where conversation can occur, but on your own terms.  You pick your subject of discussion, identify the person(s) who have the same interest that you do and who are committed to serious not frivolous conversation, refine your search with demographic filters, reach out to them, and, if they agree to speak with you, you then begin the conversation on the common subject.  You also want that the conversation to go both ways… both persons should participate in listening and providing insight, as asking questions.

Also, with so many Internet trolls hanging out in every corner, and chatbots emerging as the new tool for casual conversation, wouldn’t it be nice to verify that you are actually speaking with a genuine person?  Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could see these people in live video and match them up with their profile before you begin talking?  Wouldn’t it also be good if you can be assured that this person you plan on speaking with is actually interested and committed to a serious conversation on the very subject of interest to you?

With all these things in mind, we designed TalkToShare.com as a platform that provides such an alternative.  With hundreds of specific conversation items, and the list expanding every day, one can now engage in meaningful conversations free from the problems that come from anonymous connections.


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