How to build trust in communications

Trust is an essential part of any communication, whether we are speaking to family, friends, associates, or people we meet for the first time.  Building trust is especially important when we are interacting with people we do not know.  A sense of trust leads to building rapport, which in turn leads to meaningful conversation.  And, if the conversations continue, trust finally leads to new relationships that are important in every aspect of our lives!

So how does one build trust?  First off, avoid being assertive.  Put yourself at the other person’s level and engage on points of mutual interest.  People tend to trust others more when both parties have something in common.  While it is human nature to avoid talking about our weaknesses and problems, admitting our vulnerabilities to a stranger makes us less threatening, and an environment of trust begins to take shape.

Also listen, be curious, and be sincere in your interactions.  Provide helpful comments, and finally be honest.

You will find that even private and generally shy people will welcome a chance to open up and contribute, and become interested in what you have to say. 

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