How to handle workplace issues

Workplace issues are as common as apple pie. We have all experienced them to varying degrees. 

They run the gamut… hostile environment due to sexual or other harassment, discrimination of different types, and bullying, lack of recognition, conflict with boss or co-workers, retaliation, or some other issue that makes your life miserable every day that you could just wish the day was over or wish you could be working somewhere else. Anything else, but the job you are doing.

But leaving is not easy. You should not quit till you have another opportunity lined up.  Remember, it is easy to find a job if you already have one!

So what can you do to help yourself in the meantime?  You can get and read a book or two on the subject.  Searching the internet can lead you to articles. Most are written for employers on how to manage workplace issues. Yet, you wonder if anybody even reads them and practices what they suggest.  Some articles, though, provide good suggestions.  But like any written matter, there is no way to question the content or ask questions or have an interaction with the author.

There is one other resource... People like you who are experiencing the same or similar problem. Or have experienced the problem, are dealing with it. Or have found a way to deal with it. 

You may ask… but isn’t that person’s problem set in a different context?  Indeed it is.  But, you have to remember that at the end of the day, it’s not the context that matters, be it industry, company, or situation.  It’s human nature that is at the core of the issue.

While your family and friends can give advice, the most effective inputs will come from the people in the same boat as you.  Talking can work wonders!  Not only is it helpful to exchange experiences, but both you and the other individual can also learn from and help each other.  It’s the wisdom of many in the same boat.  There are no magic bullets.  Only real-life experiences can provide valuable guidance on how to cope, and take appropriate actions while you determine what your next steps should be.

So, find a platform that matches and connects you with others who have a desire to share experiences, learn, and inspire or be inspired.  Start taking control of your life than having some nasty person destroy your self esteem and create mental health issues.  Feel empowered!

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