Get started is a responsive platform. This means that it works with most browsers on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Audio and video calling technology that we use currently operates on laptop and desktop devices and Android mobile devices. Apple iOS mobile devices do not support real-time audio and video communication at this time. However, you are able to communicate via instant messaging (i.e., texting) and webmail with tablets and smart phones.

There is no software to install. To ensure proper operation, make sure to enable cookies, pop-ups and JavaScript. Flash is needed to view the videos.

On registration, you will need to accept TalkToShare®’s terms and conditions. You must be in compliance; otherwise, you may not be able to use this platform. See Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The User Experience link describes the experience that this platform delivers to you based on the many features that we have built in.

No payment information is required if you select the Free Plan, or the free trial, or use a free promotion that we may offer.

When you start as a Free Plan member, you will have immediate access to our MakeADiff™ category, which will enable you to reach out to and speak with other like-minded people to pursue activities to make a difference in someone’s life.

You can access many other categories of interest via subscription through the paid Plans. See Pricing. We offer 250+ discussion topics and 500+ specific conversation items. See here for the current list. This list is continuously expanding with suggestions from members like you.

When you subscribe to a paid Plan, our MakeADiff™ category is automatically included as a bonus.

Follow these steps to get started: 

  • Enter name, email address, password, answers to security questions, etc., on the sign up page.  Upload photo.
  • Enter affinity group codes or promotion code or referring member information, if any, to get subscription discounts or free access. Click “Check if valid” button”. 
  • Then create account.
  • Pick one of the three plans. We will tell you what to pick if you are using codes. If you opt for a free trial, a plan is automatically picked for you. 
  • Select categories of interest and topics you are interested in.
  • Make payment via PayPal or credit card. This step is bypassed if you opt for a free trial. If you have codes for free access, no payment will be collected.
  • Next, check your email and verify your email address.
  • Come back to the PersonalPage™.

From your PersonalPage™, you can:

  • Check out your public profile. Edit, as necessary.
  • Identify like-minded people with whom you may want to connect. But first, from the search page pick your hashtags and create your profile. Express your interest and where you can help others.
  • Also, see who viewed your profile.
  • Browse their profiles and establish contact. Send communication requests via email.
  • Check MyContacts™ for acceptance as a contact by those you reached out to.
  • Communicate via email, instant messaging, audio call or video call.  
  • Create groups of like-minded people for focused conversations.  Broadcast a presentation if you wish.
  • Create your very own reference library of relevant content to build your brand.
  • Establish your profile as an expert and provide counsel.  Or, search for an expert.
  • View your affinity group, people you have joined this platform at your suggestion as paid subscribers.
  • Check out TapWisdom™ for connecting with the broader community in your area of interest. These are members with similar interest, but not necessarily in your contact list.
  • Score points and be recognized for your contributions.

We hope to see you soon!


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