Online Safety

Online socializing can be fun and we hope you meet some very interesting, like-minded people. TalkToShare® requires an open,, non-anonymous format, where members must disclose their full name to the website on registration, but only their first names and initial of last names are indicated to other members. While we use techniques to ensure that only people legitimately and genuinely interested in our platform become members, we do not conduct background checks of any type on any person. Given human nature, there may be some someone, or a group of people, or a competitor company, that is acting deceptively on our website and is not genuinely interested in meaningful conversations.

In all probability, though, you will be speaking with trusted members when you engage in actual conversations.

However, you must be responsible for your own use of the website. Safely first! Here are suggestions that we strongly suggest that you review and adopt.

Always trust your instincts

Do not provide personal information to others

Be cautious of scammers

Example of scammers:

Use audio/video technology, if possible

Do not meet other members outside of the relationship provided by this website

We do our best to provide a safe conversation environment for you and your online relationships. We do not encourage physical meet ups unless they are organized by TalkToShare®.

If you choose to meet up, or talk to someone out with the safety of our website, you would be in violation of our Terms and we are not responsible for any consequences!

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