User experience

When you create your profile, we do not ask for your birth date or physical address. We also do not indicate your last name on your profile. We do, however, ask for your photo and mobile number to verify your membership status. All this is done in the interest of your safety. We recommend that you visually identify the person you would like to speak with the video tool in this web app before the first contact, and never share your personal details or physical address with anybody. See Terms.

We do not sell or share your personal information with any third parties.

Here are TalkToShare® features and the experience that we strive to offer you.

25+ categories of interest, 250+ discussion subjects, 500+ specific conversation topics

  • Pick one or more category. Then, select your discussion subjects in each. Finally pick your specific topics to narrow down what you want to speak about. See here for complete list.
  • Don’t see what you want? No worries. Tell us and we will include your suggestions on our ever-expanding list of categories, topics, and conversation items.

PersonalPage™, your command center

  • Get matched with other like-minded people, review your profile and that of others, see your followers, manage your content, tap others' wisdom, view your followers and points status, and conduct other activities.


  • Indicate what you would like to talk about within the interest category you selected.
  • Also list your experience and where you could be of help to others.
  • Use your profile containing your content to show case your knowledge and skills. Promote your personal brand. Establish your reputation.


  • Rapidly find like-minded people with MatchUs™, our proprietary people-matching algorithm. Use filters to refine your search and identify people who have the exact same interest as you.
  • Review their profiles. Check to see who viewed your profile.
  • Make contact with people and manage your contacts list.

Multiple communication modes

  • Short list people who are willing to converse with you.
  • Engage with them one-on-one via internal webmail or via instant messaging, or audio and video calls in real-time. 


  • Form private or public groups to increase engagement with others on issues of mutual interest.
  • Engage with your group members. Do instant messaging or conduct video calls in real-time.
  • Stream live video if you want to make a presentation to your group.


  • Tap the wisdom of the larger community on a question.
  • Get discovered by your experience and expertise. 


  • Create your very own private and public virtual libraries of content or information for reference.
  • Post selected content to your profile to inform others, and establish your brand.
  • Invite your friends to view what you have compiled on your topics of interest.

Earn recognition

  • Earn RecPoints™ for conversations you conduct and content you post.
  • Get recognized on TalkToShare® home page if you earn the most points for the month.
  • Cumulate RecPoints™ to earn higher status levels and ultimately a Guru status, indicating expertise in your area of interest.

Meaningful conversations anytime, anywhere

  • Access TalkToShare® from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Whenever and wherever you want to. (Audio and audio-video conversations require the use of a laptop or desktop device.)
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